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say the shooter is a 23-year-old paul ciancia from new jersey this, video shows passengers running for safety. the gunfired inside los angeles international airport. it all began around 9:30 this morning just outside of the security area at terminal three. the gunman began firing, killing a tsa officer, the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. a second tsa officer was shot and five others wound and taken to the hospital. police say he was carrying a note saying he wanted to kill tsa employees, and quote, pigs referring to police. passengers say it was a chaotic scene, people ran through metal detectors and into terminals others running on to tarmac. thousands of flights across the country have been cancelled or delay delayed. no planes heading to lax were allowed to take off. flights already in the air were diverted to other airports. now, this news the faa ban on flights to lax just listed minutes ago. terminal three remains closed for the investigation. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> take a look at this google earth map of southern california. and the los angeles ar
to normal. >> the question remains. why did he do it? police say 23-year-old paul ciancia brought a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition to los angeles airport. this tmz video shows frantic passengers freeing terminal 3. they say he pulled the rifle from his back and opened fire at a security check point. one officer was killed and two others wounded. >> one guy. a single man with a gun demonstrated the worst of human nature. >> those who could ran. others huddled in the bathroom stalls. >> i was scared that maybe he was going to come towards me and my husband. >> police stepped in, shooting him four times before taking him into custody. law enforcement sources said he carried a note expressing anger and frustration at the tsa. the slain officer, 39-year-old gerardo hernandez is the first in tsa history to die in the line of duty. the father of two was always watching out for others and worried for them when his own home was robbed. >> he said be careful because people came in my house and got all kinds of stuff. i was told you have kids of him. it was nice of him. >> his brother indicated
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2